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Midwest Isopods

Armadillidium klugii “Montenegro”

Armadillidium klugii “Montenegro”

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Armadillidium klugii "Montenegro"

Commonly known as the "clown isopod," Armadillidium klugii stands out as one of the most vibrant species within the isopod community. Originating from Montenegro, they boast striking patterns of yellow and white spots. Armadillidium klugii appear to be somewhat sensitive to moisture levels. To maintain their habitat, I simply pour water onto the designated moist area and refrain from further intervention. Given their preference for drier conditions, it's important to monitor humidity levels carefully.

Skill level: EASY

Reproduction rate: Medium

Humidity: Low

Food: Main source of food should be decaying leaf litter and wood. Mine also receive a small amount of weekly protein to encourage breeding.

Size: Medium

Cleanup crew?: Yes

  • These isopods are captive bred.
  • Per USDA APHIS - do NOT release isopods into the wild.
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