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Midwest Isopods

Cubaris sp. Cappuccino

Cubaris sp. Cappuccino

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Cubaris sp. Cappuccino

Cappuccino isopods rank among my favorites for their stunning appearance. While they may require some time to settle in, once they do, they are very prolific. They display timid behavior, often opting to stand their ground instead of fleeing. I maintain them in a moderately humid environment, providing a small dry area for them to retreat from excess moisture if necessary.

Skill level: Medium

Reproduction rate: Medium

Humidity: Medium-High

Food: Main source of food should be decaying leaf litter and wood. Mine also receive a small amount of weekly protein to encourage breeding.

Size: Small-Medium

Cleanup crew?: No

  • These isopods are captive bred.
  • Per USDA APHIS - do NOT release isopods into the wild.
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