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Midwest Isopods

Porcellio cf. laevis "Milkback"

Porcellio cf. laevis "Milkback"

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Porcellio cf. laevis “Milkback”

Milkbacks, closely related to Dairy Cows, are the only known color morph capable of interbreeding with Dairy Cows, leading to the belief that they may constitute a distinct species. They exhibit behavior very similar to Dairy Cows: highly active and voracious.

Skill level: EASY

Reproduction rate: FAST

Humidity: Medium

Food: Main source of food should be decaying leaf litter and wood. Milkbacks are also very fond of a consistent source of protein. I feed mine various supplemental protein 2x per week and they go crazy for it. They will sometimes eat the food right out of my hand!

Size: Medium-large; older adults can get very large

Cleanup crew?: Yes

  • These isopods are captive bred.
  • Per USDA APHIS - do NOT release isopods into the wild.
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