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Midwest Isopods

Porcellionides pruinosis “Oreo Crumble”

Porcellionides pruinosis “Oreo Crumble”

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Porcellionides pruinosis “Oreo Crumble”

These lightning-quick isopods breed rapidly and are considered one of the top cleanup crew choices. They excel in cohabiting with various inhabitants, including snakes, lizards, and more. Oreo crumble patterns vary greatly from nearly all black to nearly all white in some cases.

Skill level: EASY

Reproduction rate: FAST

Humidity: Medium

Food: Main source of food should be decaying leaf litter and wood. Oreo crumbles are also very fond of a consistent source of protein.

Size: Small-medium

Cleanup crew?: Yes

  • These isopods are captive bred.
  • Per USDA APHIS - do NOT release isopods into the wild.
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